KP’s Weekly Update 5-19

update, gsp puppies, strawberry patch, southern illinois, hilton head

KP’s Weekly Update


Does anyone else secretly live for Sundays?? They are basically my favorite day of the week! Here’s how today has went for me so far….

👉 Wake up, check on the puppies (they’re so darn cute), take out all of the adult dogs, feed the kids, catch up on The Rambling Redheads week because well….she is life and I feel like we’re best friends, start a load of laundry and dishes, take a shower, finally have a cup of coffee at 12:17pm (I know I know….I’m not proud of it) and then finally sit down to catch up with you lovely ladies!

So to catch you up on what happened this week and the exciting things I have planned…….

➡ Update #1 | The Puppies Are Here

Ok so we did not plan this well and by we I mean my husband. Not that we can control when our dogs have puppies, but we would if we could, however we did not plan out our vacation timing with our puppies being born. We leave in just two weeks (more on that in a minute).

As most of you may know, we also breed GSP’s or German Shorthair Pointers because we LOVE them and we have 3 indoor GSP’s. My husband uses them for hunting, but overall they are incredible family dogs and so lovable. This is our second litter. Birdie whelped 4 females and 2 males. They will be a week old on Wednesday and are doing great.

Life is insane with 3 kids and 3 dogs so why not add 6 puppies to the mix, right?

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Birdie and her new babes!

update, gsp puppies, strawberry patch, southern illinois, hilton head

At night we bring them inside for snuggles and socialization!

update, gsp puppies, strawberry patch, southern illinois, hilton head

➡ Update #2 | Strawberry Patch Adventure Was A Win

Summer is just around the corner, but the weather in Southern Illinois is already here! Every Summer I always wish we would’ve done more than we did so this year I’m starting off Summer with a plan in mind.

To kick it off I wanted to take the kids strawberry pickin‘ before it got too hot outside so yesterday that is just what we did.  We had a blast picking strawberries and eating homemade strawberry shortcake at one of the farms here locally in Southern Illinois.

I felt so accomplished to be able to check that one off the list. This evening I’ll be cutting up what is left of the strawberries and putting them in the freezer to use throughout the Summer in smoothies and shakes.

Sneak Peek of our day at Hallsberry Farms in Buncombe, IL

update, gsp puppies, strawberry patch, southern illinois, hilton head

➡  Update #3 | Family Vacation to Hilton Head SC quickly approaching!

Our family is going on our first trip together since Fish and Fin were toddlers. And even then my husband did not tag along with us so this is a big deal. My inlaws are coming along too so mama can have some extra hands.

We decided an East Coast trip was exactly what we needed even though we’ve never been. So the plan is to stay on the beach in Hilton Head and to also travel to Savannah GA and anywhere else we decide. I’m mostly excited to just wake up with a cup of coffee on the beach each morning and have some much needed R & R.

Anyone been to Hilton Head before? I’m needing suggestions of things to do with kids and also any restaurant suggestions or excursion ideas!

Comment below with any suggestions and I would much appreciate them 🙂

➡  Update #4 | Virtual Bible Study + Coffee Chat

While puppies and vacays are so fun, this may be my most favorite announcement of all. 

For a long time I’ve had a deep desire to study God’s word with other women and have even contemplated hosting a women’s study at my home. However, most of my tribe is online and I’ve had a lot of women reach out and ask me to do a virtual study with them so I thought a virtual group study would be the bees knees!

If you are at all interested in diving into a study of God’s word and getting vulnerable with some other ladies who maybe in a similar season as you then make sure to sign up below so you will get all the deets sent to you in your inbox. 

Okay! I think that’s all the updates for now. Until next Sunday you can find me mostly over on my Insta. I’d love to chat with you and I really hope you sign up for the Virtual Bible Study because I think it’s going to be really good. Anything designed by Him that involves coffee and His word usually is!! So until next week friends…

xoxo, Kyrie☕

Keep In Touch and Stay Connected…..drop a comment below.

Just remember that you are FAVOREDLOVED, and CHERISHED! It’s ridiculous how ENOUGH you are!

Question of the week:

What’s one activity that you have planned for this Summer?

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