Using Income Producing Activities In Your Business To Create Routines

When I started my first business I wasn’t quite sure what tasks I should be doing consistently that would produce income. I started taking note of which tasks would make me money and created a list of my income producing activities. 

Quickly I realized that if you focus first on your income producing activities and create a routine that you can be consistent in, you will increase your productivity and multiply your income.

Creating Routines In Your Business Using Income Producing Activities As An Online Female Entrepreneur. Use This Income Producing Activities Routine In Your Direct Sales Business for Marketing Success. IPA's

First, before I start working on my Income Producing Activities or IPA’s I start with my Morning Routine. This is a crucial step for me getting in the right mindset to work and get my daily tasks checked off.

Once that is completed, I start my IPA’s. They are in a different order each day depending on the time blocks that I have allotted in my daily schedule. Learn more about how I time block my schedule in this blog post.

Here is a list of my daily IPA’s:

Follow Ups 

You’ve probably heard this before, but the fortune is in the follow up. Depending on what line of business you’re in there are probably many different people you need to follow up with. In my business, I have a follow up list for my customers, potential customers, coaching clients, prospects, and team members. That is a lot of follow up, but they are so important so I make them a priority. I also really like themed days so typically I block follow ups on Fridays for #followupfriday.

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Expanding My Warm Market

This money making activity can be broken down into many small activities, but it’s crucial if you want to get new prospects and customers in your business. How I block time for expanding my warm market is by creating new relationships everyday through social media. I make it a priority to connect with people in either groups on Facebook or people in my niche and create conversations. Setting a daily goal of 5 new friend requests or sending 5 messages a day over time will generate tons of new leads in your business and turn cold leads to warm market prospects.

income producing activities, ipa's

Create Valuable Content

Technically creating content could be debatable of whether or not it should be considered an income producing activity or not. However, for me personally creating valuable content is all the more reason that people want to work with me so I do include it in my IPA list. 

Creating consistent FREE content that is valuable make your potential clients wonder what kind of paid content you would deliver if this is the kind of value they are getting with zero investment. It also helps people connect with you and see how relatable you are to them and their problem or struggles.

I set aside time daily to create new content that will help solve my avatars problems.

Weekly Blog Post

Writing blog posts like this one helps me connect with my readers and followers who share similar problems. I love to give insight on things that I once struggled with to help them overcome the problems that I once had. Being consistent in this activity also increases the number of viewers I have and the amount of traffic that comes to my blog.

If you are a blogger you know that being consistent with your content is so important to running a successful blog. 

My blog also is another stream of income. I use affiliate marketing throughout my blog as well as talk about my other multiple six figure businesses outside of my blog and share the opportunity with others. I’ve had people find me through my posts and request more information about how they can join my network marketing team or work with me one on one as a coaching client.  Managing a blog can be a huge opportunity to reach new people and prospects on autopilot.

Email Broadcasts

Connecting with my readers is a priority to me. I realize that giving someone your email address means hoping and trusting that they will continue to provide you with more valuable content in the future.

Most of my readers subscribe so they can get more time management tips and tricks in their business. I appreciate their trust in me so much so I want to make sure I am doing my due diligence and showing up in their inbox once a week to connect with them and deliver.

Email lists are also known to be a great place to create offers to your subscribers to get more help from you by buying one of your products or services once again becoming an IPA.

Coaching Calls

Free coaching calls is something that I offer in my business for people who are interested in working one on one with me. These calls also help me build relationships with my audience who are struggling in their own business and need insight on how they can scale up to the next level.

Since these are booked by clients through a scheduling link, I cannot plan them in advance but I do make them a priority in my schedule because they typically result in someone partnering with me in my business or paying me to mentor them in their business. If you would like more info on how you can book your free call, check out how you can work with me!

Team Trainings

Training my team members is not just an IPA it’s also one of my greatest passions. I love teaching and educating women on business, marketing, time management, automation, branding, systems, and many other things. It’s also part of why I love network marketing so much.

Teaching women how to create multiple streams of income online and how to be successful in business, even if they have zero experience, is something that I am super passionate about and love to do so this is something I make time for each week.

I do training in either my free coaching group, The Guilt Free Mompreneur Tribe, my Facebook page, or my private team training group. And then I do host 1 hour weekly coaching sessions with my private coaching clients via Zoom.

income producing activities, ipa's


I attribute a huge amount of my success to planning. When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Sundays are my planning days. I plan my content for the week and figure out which blocks of time I have each day to work. Then I take time each night to plan out and prioritize my tasks for the next day. This usually takes about 15 minutes each night before bed. 

I like to think of my calendar as my roadmap. Without it I have zero direction as how I should be spending my time and then productivity does not exist. You can read more about my time management and planning tips here in this blog post.

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So there you have it, my list of top IPA that I fit into my schedule each week. Some of these tasks are daily tasks and some are weekly tasks. I hope these help you identify your income producing activities in your own business so you can eliminate any busy work from your routine.

Creating Routines In Your Business Using Income Producing Activities As An Online Female Entrepreneur. Use This Income Producing Activities Routine In Your Direct Sales Business for Marketing Success. IPA's

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