How To Cultivate A Spiritual Morning Routine

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How to Cultivate a Spiritual Morning Routine

I am not a morning person by nature so I really have to spice up my routine to cultivate a positive start to my day. The sunlight starts peeking up, the coffee is brewing, and my heart has yet to get after it’s long to-do list. I hunger for the stillness that can only be touched in the morning time. The reason this time of day is so dear to my heart is because it is when I meet with the Lord. No distractions, no things to be done, no one to talk to, just me and my Jesus.

This time is sacred and holy, the most important thing I do each day. It is my deepest desire to see women cherish this time with Christ. The moments spent in the secret place with Him will no doubt change us and change the world around us. This freebie shows you my morning routine to cultivate daily relationship with Jesus!

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Where do I start?

One of the biggest struggles most people have is not knowing where to start. It’s a good idea to set a goal and have a plan in mind. Knowing what you’re going to study or which part of the Bible you’re going to read will help you create a focused plan on what you want to get from your sacred time that morning. One way to start if you still feel stuck is to start in chronological order. The Bible is like one big story with a bunch of interconnected moving parts. Reading it in order will make God’s word come to life. Or you can simply just pick a Bible study of your choice and get started!

1. Pour yourself a cup of coffee

This may be the most important part of the routine. Ha! Just kidding but it is vital. Pour yourself a cup of coffee or hot tea and find a cozy spot to wrap up in a warm blanket. I also love to sit outside on my deck when it’s nice weather and feel the sunshine.

2. Crank up the worship music

There’s nothing like setting the tone for the day than worshipping Jesus through music. If you are practicing your morning routine before the world wakes up and have sleeping babies then plug in your ear buds and pick one of your favorite worship songs. I love listening to Lauren Daigle, Hillsong, or Kim Walker-Smith.

3. Journal the word

One of my new favorite hobbies is Bible Journaling. If you don’t have a journaling bible you can still journal God’s word and your takeaways in a regular

morning routine, how to cultivate a spiritual morning routine, jesus morning routine, bible routine, bible journaling, journaling bible, prayer, worship, kyrie perry

journal or notebook. As I study the scriptures I like to write as I go. Every word and every paragraph has a purpose. I mark in my Bible themes, important words, promises, and key points. Words like “and,” “but,” “therefore,” “in,” “through,” “all,” and “every”

are circled in my Bible. They point to a purpose. I will also underline important scriptures and draw a line out to the side where I will journal thoughts, meanings,  quotes, dates, or important takeaways. See an example of how I journal —————————->>>



4. Stop and Listen

After reading the text, I seek to spend time meditating on it and thinking it through. It is SO easy to read it quickly and move past it to start our day. But often, this ঞme is crucial to hearing what the Holy Spirit is teaching.

5. Ask and Apply

Next, I ask and apply. What is God asking me to do from this text? How can I apply it to my life? In what ways can I be obedient? In this section, I write down all that God is teaching me and ask the Holy Spirit to guide me to apply it to my life.

6. Pray BIG

I cringe at the number of days in my life that have been prayerless. Prayer is an incredible gift of God, a powerful weapon, and a means to talk to Him at all times. Praying should be an integral part of our days. It looks different for me each day. Sometimes I write down a prayer to the Lord, other days I write down prayer requests and claim Scripture over them, and other days I write down praises. I included a short portion of this in the picture, but this time in my quiet time is sacred.

My prayer today is that we would hunger and thirst after the Living God and that we would fill our hearts with His Word. Every moment of every day, give me Jesus.




xoxo, Kyrie

morning routine, how to cultivate a spiritual morning routine, jesus morning routine, bible routine, bible journaling, journaling bible, prayer, worship, kyrie perry

I hope these tips above gave you an idea of how you can start your own morning routine with Jesus at the forefront.

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Question of the week:

Do you currently have a morning routine?

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  1. I don’t spend nearly enough time praying as I used to. This is now the 2nd post that God is using to get my attention. Before I took this mystery “break” from praying, I also journaled and listened to gospel. Those two things would send me into prayer overdrive alone. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Love this! I teach a 5:30 am workout class and have to go straight to my day job afterwards so I don’t have much time for a morning routine haha. I wish I did, though, I know it would be a great way to start the day!

    • Oh I know that feeling. I have to get up super early on work days. Even if I accomplish a few things from my routine I feel accomplished. Coffee, check check!

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