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Collaborations and Advertising

I promise to only bring you the things I love, honest reviews, and of course sprinkle in some cray along the way.

I love a good collaboration. If you think your product(s) or service(s) are in line with my personal brand at please contact me for my official media kit.

Affiliates disclaimer: Please know that i sometimes use affiliate links on my blog, and that means that I may make a small commission on something you purchase at the corresponding product site. However, that product will not cost you any more because of this affiliate link. This mama might even get a Starbucks coffee and a dinner date with the hubby from affiliate commission… and I’m super grateful for it! Just remember I only share/link things on my blog that I would tell my besties about (yep… that would be you guys).


Hi friend! I try my best to get back to every email, but forgive me if I don’t get back to you right away (running an online biz and Mommin’ ain’t easy).

For advertising & sponsorship opportunities please reach out to me here.
I love to collaborate with brands whose products and/or services are a great fit for my followers.