About Kyrie

Have you ever wondered if there’s more to life? That God must have more in store for you than working the typical 9-5 or in my case 7-7 twelve hour shift? That was me back in 2016 while I worked 3-4 twelve hour shifts per week and let other people raise my kids. From the outside my life looked pretty great. Only working 3 days a week, nice house, nice car, but I was miserable. I wanted to be more and do more for my family than just average. I was looking for a way to make more money while working less hours, but I knew that was just a fantasy. At least that’s what society told me.

In the Summer of 2016, I started questioning if my nursing career could sustain me and my family long term. I was so tired of working the 12 hour grind and never coming out ahead. I felt like I gave my best to my patients and the left overs to my family and for me that was just not acceptable. So I started looking into work from home jobs and that’s when I discovered the opportunity with network marketing. You see, no one had ever really explained to me the crazy opportunity this was! As soon as I saw the potential, I was hooked. Build your business for a year and then work from home? Sign me up! And that’s exactly what I did.

Exactly 1 year from the time I started my business aka side hustle, I turned in my resignation letter as a nurse. I had built a six figure income in less than 1 year just from my network marketing business. For an entire year I got to take my kids to school and pick them up. I was able to attend every school and sporting event. I never missed a single practice, game, or midday school program. I even got to volunteer at their school and help with field trips. I was truly living life by design. All because I took a chance on myself, but not for myself. I did it for them! Being a present mom and wife was what my family deserved. And this was only the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey.

Taking My Business Online

In my first network marketing company, I had the opportunity to earn a few trips that allowed my husband and I to go to Cabo and a cruise to Ensenada, Mexico. It was about this time when I started earning all kinds of awesome perks that I really realized what residual income was and what it could do for my family. Time freedom was now a reality and so was the possibility to earn annual vacations.

I’ll be honest, network marketing did not come easy to me at first. I took me about 6 months to really get the hang of HOW to make it all work but once I found my strategy and got committed to making it work, some really awesome things started to happen.

I started launching 6-10 New Team Members a Month (that was 25% more than what I was doing before)
We had an online training system for our team (I didn’t have to sit down an train one-on-one anymore) This provided great leverage for our team.
I started to build an International Business
I started to get more qualified prospects reaching out to me wanting to join my business
Having a good mix of Offline and Online Marketing for the team has really BOOSTED our results and as a leader in this Industry I believe it’s our job to embrace the changes in technology with Social Media being one of our biggest Networking Assets!


I am so blessed and grateful for my life. I’m 30 years young and I’m free! It took me a few years of working my business hard, but I have something that most people don’t have…..Complete Time Freedom. I still work hard (about 4 hours a day) but I love what I do more than anything and I wouldn’t trade the ups and downs of owning my own business and being an entrepreneur for anything. I’ve replaced my JOB income where I had to trade my time for dollars for a residual paycheck that grows bigger each month and I rarely have to look at price tags…..

I’ve been blessed to have had the opportunity to speak on stages to tell my story and train on my time management strategies across many different platforms! I get to enjoy everyday with my family being the mom and wife they deserve! Our passions are to enjoy the things in life that God has provided us with. We love to spend our time outdoors and enjoying time on our farm and love how this crazy, fun ride has allowed us to do that.

It’s GREAT to meet you my new friend.

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