5 Secrets To Discovering Your True Calling

Have you spent the last few years of your life trying to figure out God’s purpose for your life? In other words, what is your true purpose?

I totally get it. For many years, I was spinning my wheels and going through the motions of life trying to figure out what God’s calling for my life was. I am a wife, mom, daughter, friend, nurse for the critically ill, but none of those felt like my true passion in life as hard as that is to admit. There was still something that I was holding myself back from.

Then one afternoon as I was scrolling through social media I saw an inspiring post from one of my dear friends that made me feel empowered and I knew I wanted to help other women feel that same way. It was that moment that God started opening new doors in my life for many new opportunities and slowly my purpose was revealed to me and that’s what I hope to help you begin to uncover today.

In this blog post I’m going to share with you my 5 Secrets To Discovering Your Calling. Are you ready because we’re gonna get deep?

Here is the question I kept asking myself…

“What is my purpose here in this short life and how can I make a difference?”

1. Love yourself enough to know that you were meant for more!

Before we even dive into the soul searching part, you first have to love yourself enough to know that you have a divine purpose here on earth. When you start to believe that truth it will make this process so much easier because you know deep down in your hear that YOU WERE MADE FOR MORE.

Scientists estimate that the probability of you being born are about 1 in 400 trillion. That’s crazy! So translate that statistic to this —>>> because my biz bestie Ashley Samadani said it best! You are SO unique and SO special. There is NO ONE else in this world like you. No one has the life experiences + insight like YOU do. There is no one who can share YOUR testimony and speak the same life into others that YOU can. No one has YOUR message or YOUR energy to give to this world. No one has the value YOU can bring, or the light YOU can shed if you’re open to doing so. You are irreplaceable and cannot be replicated.

So do NOT hold yourself back because you think you are nothing special, because you ARE so special my friend!

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So once you believe this truth and love yourself enough to ask the question of, “What is my calling,” you’ll start uncover so many new breakthroughs in your life.

2. Know your passion and what sets your soul on fire!

Ok step 2 takes practice along with trial and error. Maybe you went to college for many years, but your daily 9-5 doesn’t set your soul on fire. Or maybe it does and you can just stop reading because you’ve already discovered your true calling. Just kidding! Keep reading…..

It wasn’t until I started being open to the idea of discovering my calling and praying that God show me what I was put on this earth for that I started finding things that made me passionate. I always thought nursing was my calling, but it just didn’t light me up the way I thought it would. My husband went to school to be a teacher, but found out later he LOVED being outdoors and managing wildlife and the land even more that he ever dreamed of. And guess what? THAT’S OK! It’s ok to change your mind. Did I quit nursing? No, but now I fill my extra time with things I love that fill my cup!

To find out what your passion is, start with this….

What keeps you up at night, What do you dream of having, doing, or creating and What makes your soul happy?

The things you are passionate about are not just random, they are your calling.

Your passions will evolve and maybe even change over time. That is the beauty of this life. We are ever changing beings living in an every changing world. Adapt and evolve and so will your purpose!

3. Your calling is NOT about you!

This one may be hard to swallow, but the truth is, God didn’t put you here to serve yourself. Whatever calling He placed on your life is meant to SERVE OTHERS.When you begin looking for ways to serve others, your calling will start to reveal itself to you.

I serve female entrepreneurs, typically moms who want to spend more time at home with their babies, and help them expand their online business using effective time management techniques because that is what I am passionate about. So I coach women in their business and help them use the time they have to be productive so they can spend more time with their family. When you discover  who you are most passionate about helping, your purpose will be SO clear.

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4. It requires FAITH.

As you can imagine, discovering your life’s true calling requires A LOT of faith. Faith in God, faith in your beliefs, and faith in YOURSELF.

When you start to uncover your passion, you may question if that is actually your calling. It make completely surprise you and cause you to question your skill set and abilities. You may even ask yourself, “Who am I to do this?”

My resistance came in the form of fear and limiting beliefs. I occasionally felt crippled with fear and uncertainty any time I took a step in the right direction. I literally prayed through every step and asked God to guide each step and give me some kind of affirmation that I was headed in the right direction.


What helped me gain confidence and keep going was reciting daily positive affirmations until I started to believe it. I’ve created a FREE printable for you with some of my favorite affirmations that you can print hang on your mirror, fridge, car, inside your kitchen cabinet, above your desk……anywhere that you will see everyday and read.  Get that printable by clicking the button below!

5. It requires humility.

Looking for your life’s true calling and purpose requires humility.

C.S. Lewis says, “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, if is thinking of yourself less.”

Let me first start with explaining what humility is. You know what pride is right?? Ok it’s the opposite of that.

Humility is realizing that sometimes you fall short and having an overwhelming sense of your need to grow! It’s looking for the best in others and being compassionate and forgiving. Humility is seeking to win people, not arguments. It is realizing that only God knows a person’s true motives. Humility is leaving the judgement of a heart in God’s hands and being coachable through life while also willing to learn a better approach. It’s giving the glory to God and letting go of pride.

Ok so how does all of this relate to the humility of finding your calling? Well I’m glad you asked!

When you are really and truly trying to figure out your purpose, you have to be willing to eat some humble pie and be ok with recognizing your weakness. A really good place to start is by asking your spouse or best friend and making a promise not to get upset with their answers. Constructive criticism and honesty can be the best gift if you’re open minded enough to receive the feedback and use it to become better.

So after you’ve embraced putting pride aside and learning more about your weakness, use them to improve your strengths. When you discover your strengths and weakness you’ll start to learn more about what you are passionate about. Just because you’ve maybe been given the gift of public speaking, doesn’t always mean it’s your passion. Listen to that and let it navigate you to refining your weaknesses. See where I’m going with this?

Humility is the quality of being humble and the willingness to accept and embrace change!

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I hope these 5 secrets will help you navigate through your life and start to uncover your passions so you can discover your true life’s calling.


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